Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fetch, Kitty!

So, we've had our blog for less than a week, and already, we're fighting the urge to make each and every post about our cat, Leela.  :)  Just like every pet parent who has gone before us, our fur-faced kid had wiggled her way in to our hearts and caused us to become all manner of gushy-lovey-dovey about her.  We can't help ourselves.  We <3 her more than anything!

Of course, it helps that she's cute.  :)  But, more than that, she's somehow managed to begin a transformation in to an amalgam of our human personalities mixed with her kitty traits.  Leela came to us a rescue kitty, and, at 2 years old, she had already done a fair bit of living.  Of course, she was more than a little shy when we first brought her home.  But, the past year has strengthened the bond between us, and she's come completely out of her frightened kitty shell.  She's now running the house and showering us with all the fur-faced love and affection that we can stand (which is a lot)!

In the past year, she's gone from "Shy Rescue Kitty" to "Princess Leela", and is slowly morphing in to "our kid", picking up traits from both of us, some of which have been quite surprising!  (More on this later.)  Our latest surprise, however, came in the form of Leela's ability to follow commands ("Sit!") and, most recently, play "Fetch!" 

Coree was working on the computer when she felt something drop at her feet.  It was one of Leela's "toys", a rubber bracelet that she's become quite fond of.  So, being a properly trained human, Coree picked it up and tossed it, thinking that this was what Leela might want.  Sure enough, Leela ran after it, retrieved it, and brought it right back, dropping it at Coree's feet again.  How cute is that?!

Of course, thereby ensued an hour-long session of "train the human to play fetch".  :) 

Who's being trained here?  :)

Fetch, Kitty!


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