Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Leash Training Your Dog - A Proven, Step-By-Step, Positive Reinforcement Method

So often, we see people being walked by their dog.  That's right, I said "people being walked by their dog"!  You know the scene ...

[pan camera, a beautiful, spring day, at the neighborhood park]

[enter dog owner, being pulled down the path by their dog, leash pulled tight, while Fido rushes on ahead, his collar so taut on his windpipe that he's panting, front paws off the ground, while his owner races to keep up ...]

Oh!  Pardon me!  I didn't realize that this scenarios was SO familiar to you!  You say YOUR dog pulls you around on your walks?  Have you considered strapping on roller skates to make it more enjoyable?  :)  If so, this blog post is for YOU!  Please allow me to lend you a helping hand, Dear Sir or Ma'am!

I make it a practice to train all of my client's dogs on "loose leash walking", as a natural extension of my job as their dog walker and pet sitter.  That said, even if you're NOT my client, I have a heart for you, and empathize with your plight!

I've created a free Web site, dedicated to "loose leash walking", complete with detailed, step-by-step instructions, as well as video tutorial links.  You can find that free resource here.  ---

My wife, Coree, and I are both very familiar with the 'LLW' training process, and we'd be happy to give you pointers over the telephone or via email.  Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or difficulties with the training process.

Happy Loose Leash Walking!


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