Sunday, March 13, 2011

"The World's Fastest Couch Potato"

Every once in a while, we have the privilege of caring for a dog that is so well-behaved, even-tempered and easy going, that we'd LOVE to take them home with us.  Our pal, Tate, is just such a dog!

What a handsome boy!
We walk Tate every day when his parents are at work, and no better dog exists for on-leash walking and manners!  He's right by our side, attentive and obedient, while still excited to be outside, thoroughly enjoying the sniffs and sights!  He's curious about other dogs that we encounter along the way, but, never overly-eager or pulling.  He's content to just observe them from afar, and occasionally will wag his tail.  He's a complete pleasure to walk!  We often receive compliments, not only on what a handsome dog he is, but, on how well behaved he is. 

A couple of months ago, we were contacted by Tate's parents.  They were looking for a reliable, dependable walker for their soon-to-be adopted greyhound.  Boy, were they ever thorough in their interview process!  We were quite pleasantly surprised by how much they wanted to know about us;  specifics about our type and level of care, our walking practices, our insurance, our experience and training ... they really checked us out!  And, that was only Step 1 of the interview process!

An AWESOME Walking Companion!
Shortly thereafter, we received a telephone call from Stuart Homer, the President of Golden State Greyhound Adoptions.  We thought Tate's parents were thorough in vetting us, and then we spoke with Stuart!  Not only did he ask all of the questions that Tate's parents had asked us, but, he asked quite a few more!  And, throughout our conversation, he also provided us with a healthy education on greyhound mannerisms, behavioral issues, health concerns and what he expected of us, as Tate's walkers.  Wow!  Were we impressed!  We wish that all potential dog parents and caregivers were required this level of scrutiny!

The end result was that Tate's parents were granted their adoption, we were granted permission to be his walker, and Tate was rescued from what was sure to be a bad end.  Tate was placed in a loving home, with loving parents who are providing him the very best of everything (including the very best walker, of course)!  None of this would have been possible had his doggy parents not been willing to give Tate a second chance at life, and would have been much more difficult without the help and support of Golden State Greyhound Adoptions, who "exist to educate the public on the plight of the retired racing greyhound in order to find great homes for former-racing greyhounds".

After the Walk - Exhausted!  :)
So, the interview process went well, Tate was adopted, and thereby ensued the beginning of a "happy ending"!  Fast forward to a few months later, and Tate has adjusted very well to his new home.  He is loving, sweet and a real joy for his newly-adopted family!  He's friendly, and  -  as they say on the GSGA Website  -  is living up to his moniker:  "The World's Fastest Couch Potato".  Most importantly, Tate is being cared for in an environment that is allowing him to live out the remainder of his life in comfort, surrounded by humans who love him and who have his best interests at heart. 

We love having Tate in our lives as a furry-faced client!  Tate's parents have accepted the commitment of caring for a rescued greyhound, and their lives are richer for it!  We are thankful that his parents have given us the opportunity to care for Tate, and are grateful that people like Stuart Homer and organizations like Golden State Greyhound Adoptions exist.  If you have a lot of extra love in your heart and a little extra room in your home, please consider giving a greyhound a second chance at life!  Adopting a greyhound, like any pet, is a serious responsibility requiring a long-term commitment, and Golden State Greyhound Adoptions' is prepared to help you with the process.  If you would like to learn more about greyhound adoption, please visit the Golden State Greyhound Adoption Website:  -  or  -  Contact Stuart Homer at 925-946-0426


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